loweelloweel’s status on Tuesday, 20-Oct-2015 21:40:03 CEST
loweel: In don’t see the problem in certificates or about their security. I see a huge problem in the fact my browser and my OS are coming with a set of CA which are “trusted” and I don’t know who they are. If one of them is the NSA, they can MIM whatever, just generating a certificate for a given website and tapping the traffic. Is not about “if the CAs are safe”: the problem is “who the f**k is that people i see here?” Why should I trust a certificate issued by “TÜRKTRUST Bilgi İletişim ve Bilişim Güvenliği” by default?. Is not about if they are safe, it’s about “who the hell they are?”.

  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel FanelliLowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello!



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