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loweelWhich is, more or less, what happened to him under Romans. LOL.
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Vulvatron für Kanzlerin! GWAAAARRR. 🙂 kanzlerin
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I want to add a second Raspi 2 for gnunet. This can make the maintenance easier. So I know how to put the mysqls in a mirror, because mysql is documented. The very problem will be to share the filesystem in order to align. I need to think about it.
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The only thing I noticed working with my neighbors is that it depends by the kind of security brake you have. With the german ones, the signal spreads without problems in the street cable, so 2 buildings far it was possible to receive. I think mixing Wifi and PowerLan could be a powerful architecture for meshnets.
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Yes. The idea of Powerlan/Powerline is to use the normal electric cabling as an ethernet cable. This is because 50/60 Hz are very low, so easy to filter if compared with Mhz/Ghz. The interesting point is that you can’t find so much documentation about “how far it can reach”, but given the fact copper is a very nice material, and the “skin effect” will put the signal mostly on the surface, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_effect , I started suspecting 300m was very pessimistic. And it is: if you buy AV1200 technology, which aims to the Gigabit , they are sayind 100Mb at 200m. Which is of course poor if compared with Gb, but still high if compared to wifi at 200m. Plus, there is no way for the NSA truck running on the streets to understand you are transmitting a meshnet: until they don’t put their hands on the cable, is very hard for them to grab the signal. So, compared with Wifi, you have a little better ” physical security”.
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Ist Empört. ist-emport
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So you can do:
ETH -> P_LAN1 -> PowerCable -> P_LAN2 -> ETH
ETH -> P_LAN1 -> PowerCable -> P_LAN2 -> Wifi
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I cannot understand the concept: the Powerline is transmitting the signal using the copper cables as a conductor. The signal is injected INSIDE the cable. What you do is to put one point in the powerplug, and plug the ethernet “in”. Then you plug the second point in another powerplug (in your home or the next home) and if the line has continuity you transformed the power cable in an ethernet cable. Some of them are also repeaters to the wifi. This means ETH -> PowerLan1 -> Powercable -> PowerLan2 -> Wifi. Where exactly you want to put the antenna?
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Could you explain? where you want to put a reflector (just curious, I am playing with the same, and ideas are always good).
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Switched to nginx. haproxy. No way to understand why haproxy crashes. : ( 😦 😦
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That’s coding for real men, sir.
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There are lot of products about, also very common in UK: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/test-centre/network-wifi/18-best-powerline-adapters-2015-2016-uk-3490638/ they are sold together with the DSL connection. The very point is the range is 300mt , which can cover a whole block in a city.
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Is also known as Powerline: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power-line_communication And there are lot of commercial products doing that, also bridging Wifi and Powerline. There are point to point products like that: http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/powerline/ or http://www.homeplug.org/products/cert-products/ .
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University C.
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Is written in C.
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  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel FanelliLowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello!


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