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loweel2015-11-05 12:21 @drymer , @shevek the point is that a DHT keeps a distributed cache of the network itself. Each host knows its “neighborhood” , enough for being able to survive if a number of hosts are down. Sure it needs an initial host to join the cluster, but this can be a long list, but each host can be an access point, and once the cache il built, if just one of the servers in the cache survived, you can rebuild your updated cache. Sure there are split attacks and others, but still harder than drop down a website….
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2015-11-05 12:03 DHT is a “Distributed” cache. To drop down a DHT network you need to drop down at least half of the elements on the network itself. Sure you need some elements to join the cluster, but once you created your own cache, you don’t need them anymore. I wrote a server from NNTP to P2P working with this principle: https://github.com/uriel-fanelli/tribes . DTH are quite robust clusters.
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2015-11-05 10:55 Ich öffnete ein Konto auf Facebook. Ich als Frau registriert. Ich habe mich registriert, wie ich lebte in Bad Bellingen, 700 km weit. Dann kaufe ich Rasierschaum und ich immer mit einer IP aus NRW veröffentlicht. Nach 8 Monaten Facebook gibt ständig Werbung Über Frau Kleidung und Produkte. Und immer noch schlägt mir Freunde aus Bad Bellingen. Sind wir sicher, Überwachung funktioniert?
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2015-11-05 10:40 La birra deve sapere di vichinghi, Rammstein e sola igiene del mondo. La AltBier sa di Fucsia, Nino d’Angelo (in turnee) e Sabato del Villaggio. La AltBier sarebbe una birra molto Leopardiana, se non avesse molti risvolti di Manzoniana memoria. Ecco, in sintesi la AltBier potrebbe essere stata la birra di Don Abbondio , da bere in quella fase di euforia isterica che precede la morte per peste. Brindando A Silvia.
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2015-11-05 10:39 A blockchain is build on top of dht (true) but is able to grant uniqueness of hashes and duplication of ledger. Which means , is perfect to transport small data…
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2015-11-05 09:47 Wondering why we need a tracker. A blockchain transporting the torrent files could be sufficient.
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2015-11-05 09:35 LowEel started following Lady Elettra.
LowEel (loweel)’s status on Thursday, 05-Nov-2015 10:35:50 CET

2015-11-05 08:58 He wanted to keep all the spyware with himself…. LOL.
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2015-11-05 08:58 But where is the difference then? It will always run on a physical hardware. The fact you can partition it is not changing: is like VLANs. Are they fisical hardware ? Even, with VLAN is like you torn a switch in parts… is just partitioning.
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2015-11-05 08:55 I work with telco. Even a legacy device is doing a location update to the HLR, saying more or less where you are, who you are. BTS are usually folded at 120° each other, and your phone is negotiating power and advertising to all the BT around. Using a USIM, perhaps, you use to authenticate with the AuC and also the AUc authenticates with you. Which means, tons of metadata and CDRs…. GSM is not a privacy stack , neither SS7 is.
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2015-11-05 08:24 Feminists in tech have been staging attempted “honey traps” to frame prominent male software developers for sexual assault, according to explosive claims on the blog of Eric S. Raymond, a pioneer of the open source movement. In allegations that will rock the world of software development, prominent targets included Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel.

2015-11-05 08:19 Have you ever peed in public? Or hugged a child? Or been naked in your own home? You might be in trouble
You Might Be a Sex Offender and Not Even Know It!

2015-11-05 08:10 One of the problems we face in the war against terror is that al-Qaeda is not quite a conspiracy in the traditional sense. It’s something else that is more difficult to characterize and target.
Conspiracy or Prospiracy…

2015-11-05 08:06 UrielLowEel dixit
And then they complain why there is a little women in IT….

2015-11-05 08:05 The short version is: if you are any kind of open-source leader or senior figure who is male, do not be alone with any female, ever, at a technical conference. Try to avoid even being alone, ever, because there is a chance that a “women in tech” advocacy group is going to try to collect your scalp.
Never be alone with a woman. Never ever.

2015-11-05 07:55 Well, OpenBSD is quite a router…. just run an instance of it..
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2015-11-05 00:54 Well, you know, I was physical until the last year, then I came back to do my stuffs…. 🙂 I was tired of the senseless restrictions of Cisco&Juniper….
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2015-11-04 23:34 Almost any linux is starting loading a initram disk. Then it comes EFI, which is a horrible bullshit. Now, why just don’t put a bare bone DOM0 instead of that bullshit?
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2015-11-04 23:26 Yes, it didn’t worked. Better to use the “bookmark” functionality. It doesn’t embeds, but at least it works. 🙂 Just exploring.
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2015-11-04 23:18 Where is the freedom on the internet when everything you like to do is too expensive?
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  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel Fanelli LowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello! Se faticate a seguirlo, sappiate che fornello ranza via un cicinin di collegamenti, presempio quelli alle foto. D’altronde non è che potete pretendere granchè da uno scriptino buttato giù in fretta e furia…
  • PPPS: le foto le metto sù stasera.

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