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loweel2015-11-06 11:11 Pure bullshit. If you know the ABC of a GSM network, you know that you mobile is originating NOTHING. Is the MSC which originates the traffic. Second, to authenticate in the network you need to negotiate the nonce with the AUC, which requires your Ki, and IMSI, which requires your SIMcard to be powered on. So, this is 100% pure bullshit. The only think you could do without SIM is the emergency call, and this is the ONLY link your phone is allowed to request. And I repeat: request. Because your phone is originating NOTHING. Whatever traffic you do, it MUST be originated by the MSC. Your phone decides nothing. It is not like the internet. Last but not least, telcos aren’t charities. BTS are fucking expensive, and the idea of having BTS allocating slots for non-registered phones, other than doing emergency calls, is simply ridicolous. No telco in this planet is reserving BTS radio band to devices which are not registered, unless you do emergency calls. There is nothing like “Ethernet Wake-UP” in MTP. This is people which calls themselves “experts” where they should call themselves “early adopters”, and it is evident their mindset is the mindset of ethernet+IP. Unfurtunately, SS7+MTP+GSM has nothing to do with this. Don’t worry, when your device is powered off, it is bloody out of the network. Btw, I am working to implement the e-call stuff for cars (which is mandatory in 2 years in EU) , and you have no idea how hard is to localize a SIM when the car is into an underground garage. When I read this kind of bullshit, is very hard to me to keep believing all the stuff, being honest. (And I don’t mentioned pdpcontext, btw.)
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2015-11-06 10:34 I love what Snowden did, because he raised attention. And I understand he needs to keep high attention to survive. But , saying technical bullshit, like powered-off mobile phones being reachable, will destroy its reputation. After a dozen years working with mobile and GSM-core network, listening at him saying telcos are reserving radio bandwidth to devices not registered is , being honest, more ridicolous than hilarious. I suggest mr Snowden to care of his reputation with tecnical people.
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2015-11-06 10:23 This is pure bullshit. If a phone is not doing a Location Update to the HLR, neither establishing a MTP link , there is no way to find it. So if it is powered off, is powered off. If the phone is not emitting any wave, you can’t reach it. End of story. And even emitting, you need it to first authenticate with the AUC, have a pdpcontext, MTP link with the MSC…. too much for a device which is powered off.
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2015-11-06 10:12 Oh, shit.
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2015-11-06 09:34 RT @kat How did I miss this ? # https://sites.google.com/site/itstheshappening/
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2015-11-06 10:04 WIFI saves cabling, but for keeping Raspberry PI as a backend it sucks. 3 seconds of radio latency… shit.
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2015-11-06 05:06 RT @cgtbaixllob Guernika 2015 http://quitter.se/attachment/1141149
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2015-11-06 07:39 YW
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2015-11-06 07:36 SIP is widely used by telco, for doing internal replacement of old SS7 stack to IP, together with SIGTRAN. Is an industry standard, but for big industries. I use it at work, like for VOs , or ISDN/IP exchanges. The problem of # for wholesale users is always firewalling: differently than #, SIP only initiates the session, then the SDP protocol decides about codecs, and so. SIP itself is a network nightmare, because is triggering other network sockets up and down: like FTP, but even worst. And is not safe for the user at all: if the registration server allows the people to directly talk each other, then you are asked to open a new TCP/UDP connection with the other peer, so you have privacy. If the SIP provider provides you a SDP session to THEIR servers, both you and your peer will have a “server in the middle”: diversion is always possible, and seamlesse. The only way to be safe is to !selfhost your SIP server.
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2015-11-05 21:49 LowEel started following Mauro Panigada.
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2015-11-05 20:30 RT @planetlibre Cómo instalar un servidor ownCloud en FreeBSD http://planetlibre.es/como-instalar-un-servidor-owncloud-en-freebsd/
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2015-11-05 20:31 Cyber warfare used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies and military exercises. But with the advent of the Stuxnet worm, the Sony Pictures hacking—which was allegedly carried out with the backing of the North Korean government—and this week’s assault on German government websites, large-scale cyber attacks with suspected ties to nation states are growing increasingly prevalent.
Edward Snowden on Cyber Warfare

2015-11-05 20:06 This is true for the pure DHT. If you put on top of it a shared ledger, like a blockchain, this kind of attack cannot prevent the torrent to be found online.
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2015-11-05 19:30 Marx did a terrible mistake. His idea that history is driven by economy is terribly wrong: history is driven by technology. Technologies can make a country rich, technologies created industries and working class, and society and industry were always driven by technology. Primitive or not, it was always the key of success for people, countries, social classes. It is pointless to do politics if/when you do technology. Technology is more and more important than protest. Developing E2E cryptography is far much effective against surveillance, than any protest can be. Technology moves the history, not doing politics. A compiler is revolutionary. A programmer can change the world much more than a radical insurgent.
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2015-11-05 18:37 LOL. att-531
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2015-11-05 17:25 Ok. Given static contents all have 10 minutes of caching set, I can replicate the whole filesystem with rsync each 5 minutes , using cron. No issues should happen then.
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2015-11-05 16:31 Ok, replication of database works fine. even master-master is just a master-slave+slave-master. Now replicating the filesystem
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2015-11-05 14:01 And BTW, using the WI-FI. I was sick and tired of cables all around. att-519
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2015-11-05 14:01 And now all of two raspberries are on a cluster, running Gnu Social. att-518
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  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel Fanelli LowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
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