Böse 2015-11-23

loweel2015-11-22 23:20 Aber sicher!
Das ist ein Komplott, gegen uns und den Islam

2015-11-22 23:17 Mona Lisa selfie https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1182
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2015-11-22 23:14 LOL. https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1181
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2015-11-22 23:00 Qualcuno spieghi ai giornalisti italiani che in Germania la sfiducia e’ costruttiva. Quindi, sinche’ non si vede un sostituto, la Merkel "non rischia di cadere". Checche’ ne dica "certa gente a Berlino".
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2015-11-22 22:54 !listening Motörhead, Orgasmatron https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1179
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2015-11-22 22:18 A fisherman’s dream – oil on canvas , GHITA IUSTINIAN !art https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1177
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2015-11-22 21:24 In 1892, Henri Guillaume, Professor of Architecture at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, proposed that the students of the school’s four disciplines – architecture, painting, sculpture, and engraving – put on a joint costume ball. He envisioned a lavish room decorated by the students and ornate processions, inspired by a pre-existing culture of balls and costume parties in turn-of-the-century Paris, including the Bal Blanc, la Fête Païenne, the Bal des Incohérents, and the Bal Rodolphe. https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1174
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2015-11-22 21:20 jarosław jaśnikowski bizarro central !art https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1173
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2015-11-22 19:57 Stop abusing the word "thinking": what you are doing is just "speculating". I have no time for speculations, and also I am not your doctor, so you don’t need to tell me everything you dream.
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2015-11-22 19:40 "Wrong" or "Right" are part of "moral" philosophy. It makes no sense expecting they are driving the planet , this is not physics . You can scream is right or not, but, in the whole planed and in the whole history, a war kills 20 times more civilians than soldiers. And, since the beginning of times , in the whole planet, attacking the capital of a country results in a war. Then you can take your philosophers , close them in a room and let them discuss it forever. It will not change a damn, either they define something REAL as "right" or "wrong". The belief reality can change because of words, like "wrong" or "right", is named "belief in magic". So, if you believe that the planet will change just because you spell the word "wrong", you just believe in magic. And "wrong" is the magic spell you are expecting to change facts.
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2015-11-22 19:16 For sure both terrorism and neonazism are part of the category of hate crimes. What differs is the context: if a group of nazists would go , by example, in Israel with a machine gun and killing the civilians, for sure they would have defined as a terrorist organization. In Italy we had several fascists organizations which has reach the "status" of terrorists, like the people which blasted the train station of my city. I would like to notice you, that when they did that, they were never called again "neofascist", but terrorists. So the difference is in "how powerful and effective you are". If a nazist organization can reach the same firepower and the same amount of distruction , for sure is a terrorist organization.


I would also like to remember how the state had fought this kind of organization in the ’70: using the army and the secret service, which played very, very dirt ame . Carabinieri is a military police.

So yes, the Neo-Nazi could become a terrorist organization in Germany, if they gain more and more operational capacity inside the country, and they could gain the status of international terrorist organization if they gain the capacity to strike in other countries.

Just to answer the next question, yes, if the german neonazi were doing such a slaughter in some other country, and the German government would not cooperate against them, or worst backing and financing them , the other country could be legitimate to declare war on Germany.
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2015-11-22 18:59 Just to answer your question: no, you don’t declare a war. You just kill the terrorist, wherever he is. Just in case some country part of UN is backing them, then you can declare a war. Since ISIS is not a real state, they don’t have the status you need to declare a war. Actually where the terrorist are has a name, which is "Syria". Until the Syrian govt is giving you the permission to bomb there, or ASKING to bomb there with a letter (like Assad did with Putin), you are 100% legitimate to bomb there.
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2015-11-22 18:56 No, they were not terrorists. Just read the outcome of the process in Nurnberg. There are precise definition for soldiers and terrorist, also at chap.6 of the Geneve declaration: you dress a visibile uniform (and not pretending to be a civilian), you show the weapons (and not hiding them in civilian clothes or behind civilian infrastructures) and you respond to a command which gives you orders on behalf of a country. this is the definition of soldier. a terrorist, since is hiding behind civilians, has not a defined uniform, and hides weapons , plus not getting orders from a defined country or government, is not a soldier neither it can be. This is why in war, if you take a soldier you must follow the rule for POWs, while if you take a terrorist as a prisoner, according with the LOAC (Law of Action and Combat) you can "wound or kill him". Probably you are too young and you never did your military service, so nobody has explained you the difference between a soldier and a terrorist. If you lack the very basics like that, you should not even discuss of things like this.
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2015-11-22 18:41 FACT: none of the terrorists of paris were born or growth in a war zone. And NONE of them had any family component killed. And second, I just mention you IIWW killed almost 46 million people in total. Without a single person becoming a terrorist for that reason. You are just pretending what you say becomes true, just because a group of people is repeating it all the day. This has a name "superstition", which is also "escape from reality". Make yoursef a reason that YOU have no evidence of a single terrorist which was grown under the bombs. Again, you live on THIS universe, you like or not. And you live on THIS planet. Instead of repeating which planet you would like, try to understand how it works: "you do a mess in the capital of a state you get a war". That’s it. This is this planet. This is how it works since the beginning of times. Make yourself a reason of that. And if you keep fighting using terrorism against organized countries, you get more and more war. It was always like this, and the time you waste believing the opposite is just a tax for having bad votes in history. You can stay closed in a room with one thousand people screaming your dreams and your fantasies, and still the real world will not care, and continue to run as usual. Make yourself a reason: reality exists. There is no way to escape it.
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2015-11-22 18:32 Of course. You go into a room, you repeat all the same mess, and then what you say must be true. This has a name: "escape from reality".
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2015-11-22 15:46 I am not "polite". I am not "politically correct". I am used to think , like Orwell, that "freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=4". Which means, the fuckin’ truth. I will call "retard" everybody which is a retard, "fascist" everybody which is a fascist, and "douchebag" whoever is a douchebag. I am not going to use terms as "impaired" or "radical" where we have morons and idiots. Respect is important, and this is the very reason you need to deserve mine. Is not for free. Life is not a fucking party where you need to cheer everybody.
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2015-11-22 15:39 I am not using Facebook, and I will not get them any referer to here. Second, again, none of the the terrorists striking in Paris had even seen a bomb dropping on their houses. NONE. So stop pretending the terrorism happens because of drones, or because of NATO. NONE, and I repeat NONE, of the terrorist, neither their families, was EVER under the risk of a bomb or a drone. Most of the terrorists are born and grown in countries where they never, ever, had a problem of being bombed by NATO. And don’t tell me how they feel outraged by other muslim being killed, because NATO will NEVER kill as many muslims as some government in the gulf did. If they were outraged because you "kill their brothers", well, they should at least start to fight their own government: in Saudi arabia the government is killing every years much more "muslim brothers" than NATO: don’t tell me this people feels outraged because of the nato bombings. Last but not least, I would like to remember you that migrants are aiming at EUROPE. They don’t want to go in Saudi Arabia, or among their "brothers" . They want to come in EUrope. Don’t tell me bombing is raising HATE: millions of people coming here are not an evidence of "hate". i think in this period being a radical just means to live in denial of the reality: just scream some fantasy, some dream, and reality will go away. Sorry, I will not follow you in your dreamland. I was born here, in the real world, and I plan to stay. If you attack the capital city of a country, you get a WAR. And in a was , civilians will die. This is named "reality" , AKA "planet earth".
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2015-11-22 14:06 This is not a cat. This is a little cow. https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1154
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  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel Fanelli LowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello! Se sembra frammentario è il bello dei microblog, bellezza! E mancano le foto sì; d’altronde non è che potete pretendere granchè da uno scriptino buttato giù in fretta e furia…


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  1. I notice you that the group of nazists were never called fascists but terrorists (there was also an adjective which begins with f but I don’t remember therefore I ban you aha isn’t it)

    Mi piace


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