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loweel2015-12-12 01:30 RT @ioerror Tor Hires a New Leader to Help It Combat the War on Privacy https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/url/1758 via @WIRED
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2015-12-12 08:05 RT @osbn Chromium OS 0.2 für Raspberry Pi 2 – https://www.bitblokes.de/2015/12/chromium-os-0-2-fuer-raspberry-pi-2/
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2015-12-12 12:19 I appreciate it, but we are in Ddorf, and also our customers …. 😦
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2015-12-12 00:17 RT @ioerror Twitter just emailed me . ..your Twitter account .. may have been targeted by state-sponsored actors https://quitter.no/attachment/66433
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I don’t think they are “crappy”, actually french people is very proud of some tradictions. The point is not the “republican” issue, since Marine LePen also claims she is the defensor of the “republican”. The very point is that France is in fear. Which is very rational, since what happened. The French Secret Services had a blatant failure of incompetence and irrilevance, so the people doesn’t feels protected. Also economy is totally failing, and was also failing under sarkozy, Now, Marine LePen is offering solutions which are stupid and outdated. But, if they are THE ONLY solutions on the table, then they will win. It is not about “republican” values or not: also Le Pen says she will defend them. She also says she will defend them better than any other: which is the problem.

Well, I am native of Bologna, Italy. I am very surprised, sometimes, how this word has started to mean some food I’ve never seen there. 🙂 🙂 🙂

@kat never discuss with donkeys. You waste your time and make the animal nervous. (Old north italian proverb).

Of course, also letsencrypt is not supporting FreeBSD, and of course it fails connecting to something. And “something” has no sense , like “urn:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client for DV” . Is not telling you what is connecting to what, so you can check your firewall… no, it just uses something which makes sense only for the people which developed it. My rating: “pile of bullshit”.

Free software always existed . I remember when running BBS, they were full of free software. So I simply resent who tries to say “we invented free software”. And also, I would like to notice, the same people which claims they “invented the free software”, has made the hacking world full of tin-foil-hat people. Like it was NOT before.


Wow. After the last “git pull”, now “REPLIES” are working again. thanks for fixing the bug! 🙂

When I think how to recreate the same freedom we had with BBS, I always fall in the same point. The crucial part of the system should be owned by the user and by the sysadmin. The software should be owned by the admin. The source of the connection should not be visible by the BBS. It should be circuit switched , and the circuits should be set by the sysadmin only. The only system I see, which can do that, is I2P. Tor is too packet switched to do that.

Is Tor turning into the new tin foil hat?

Ok , perl6 compiler is just a fraud. Back to golang.

Debian repo for perl6 is almost one year old. So cannot use panda. I hate when they play as bigots….

I think the big error of vegans and vegetarians is to try doing the same food as before. I mean , the vegan steak , aka seitan , cannot work. The same for vegan wurst or vegan “whatever-exists-but-not-vegan”. If you just change the whole paradigm of eating , you must reinvent the whole thing from scratch. Starting from names. Nobody will eat a “Vegan lasagna”. If you like that, just name it differently, or you will die by comparison….

Mi e’ capitato di vedere uno sproloquio di Barnard. Come al solito fa il giornalista all’italiana: fotografa la gamba di un tizio, e scrive “gamba a spasso per Roma, da sola.”
Dimentica il contesto: negli anni ’80, le nazioni industrializzate erano 8. E quando hai otto clienti e si vedono a cena, il prezzo lo fanno loro. Oggi le stesse 8 nazioni non producono piu’ il 90% del PIL del pianeta, ma il 45%. E’ almeno ovvio che un cambiamento simile produca oscillazioni grandissime nell’economia.
Il secondo punto sulla storia che la Germania non investe in ponti, autostrade e ferrovie. Neanche gli USA, ove i ponti crollano per incuria. Perche’? Perche’ quelle infrastrutture serviranno sempre meno. Siamo nell’era digitale. Gli spostamenti saranno sempre meno necessari. Investire in autostrade, ponti, porti e ferrovie e’ buttare via i soldi. Barnard ha in mente un mondo che non c’e’ piu’, e dice che la colpa e’ dell’ Euro, senza capire che il problema non e’ europeo, ma globale.

“E non farti piú vedere da queste parti. “. Bastava dirlo. Credete che me fotta qualcosa del vostro terzo mondo vestito alla moda?

Als sie an die Banken schützen wollen, sind die europäischen Institutionen sehr schnell. Als sie an die Landwirte schützen wollen, sind die europäischen Institutionen sehr effektiv. Als es um den finnischen Handy-Industrie zu schützen, wurden sie verloren. Jetzt nicht wundern, wenn die nächste Le Pen wird da sein.

Jeder will Marine Le Pen zu ignorieren. Wenn ich versuche einfach, sie zu denken, zu verstehen, sagt, die Menschen Ich bin ein Mitglied ihrer Partei. Sie sind so Angst vor ihr, dass, nur wenn Sie sagen, “müssen wir ändern oder sie wird gewinnen”, wird Leute hysterisch und sagt “schweigen, faschistischen!” . Aber sie ist das Ergebnis von Fehlern. Viele Fehler. Und vor zu halten, die Ablehnung Änderung, wird nur machen sie stärker. Bis, wird es unmöglich sein, sie wieder zu ignorieren.

Tout le monde veut ignorer Marine Le Pen. Ils veulent faire croire que sa victoire était due au hasard, à l’état islamique. Et quand vous dites que vous ne l’ignorez pas juste, ils vont gagner, même si rien n’a changé, et que le changement doivent être ceux qui donnent des leçons, ils vous disent que vous êtes fascistes, qui sont ses disciples. Parce que maintenant que la femme est tellement peur, seulement à craindre fort que la victoire est trop. Si vous avez peur d’elle, vous devez le faire en silence.

I don’t like perl6 as a language. But the amount of libraries they have build is amazing. Gonna use it. 🙂

Today’s economy is inhumane. Now they cry for LePen : but where those “socialists” had been, while it happened?

Vedo che l’ossessione nei miei confronti non si ferma. Per fortuna Ollyster consente il posting anonimo. Ancora una settimana e lo finisco. E poi ciao.
(ndr: scritto il 7 dicembre 2015)

People feels outraged when Marine le Pen says her victory is “the rebellion of people against the elites”. What makes me outraged is FN is the ONLY outgoing rebellion against the elites. Seems everybody accepted to be ” Human Resources”instead of “people”.

For dozens of years, hiring a policeman had been to hire a ignorant scumbag with the ethics of a sadistic dingo. They were chosen ignorant, bully, bigot , right-wing and especially, with poor education. As poor as possible. ‘cause ignorance is force. And now, we wonder they can’t do intelligence. And now, we wonder they can’t stop terrorism. And now, we say the problem is encryption. How pathetic.
  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel Fanelli LowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello! Se sembra frammentario è il bello dei microblog, bellezza! E mancano le foto sì; d’altronde non è che potete pretendere granchè da uno scriptino buttato giù in fretta e furia…



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  1. Comunque. Bloccare TOR è davvero difficile: Basta fare qualche cambio di identità e prima o poi si finisce su un nodo di uscita temporaneo che non è ancora nella lista.

    Mi piace


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