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loweel2015-12-14 09:15 One of the main problems of politics is the difference between being in charge and having the power. Being in charge is often the result of elections. Having the power means writing the agenda. Now, in Europe we have 28 people being in charge as prime ministers. But 80% of laws are done in Brussels. So the "national" agenda in not written by the people which is in charge. I think we should stop speaking of people in charge, and start discussing the agenda. So newspapers should give a shit of Hollande and Renzi and Merkel ,and focus on Brussels. And they should give a shit of Obama and talk about wall street . Stop with trump or dem or cons, and talk about lobbies. We focus too much on people in charge, and too little on peopla having power.
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2015-12-13 23:32 @taknamay envy is just a fancy name to for a problem of a fair division. It is exactly the socialist idea of giving to people according to needs and taking according to capabilities. Many problems of politics and economics were solved with math. But since people wants to believe those results are never popular…
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2015-12-13 19:41 RT @aaron https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/url/1848
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2015-12-13 21:20 Henry David Thoreau said the same, time ago 🙂
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2015-12-13 21:18 L’unico modello di autorita’ che l’italiano accetta e’ quello materno. Egli si aspetta che ogni ente gerarchicamente superiore a lui si comporti come sua madre. Severa ma pronta a dimenticare due minuti dopo, sempre pronta a giustificare i suoi errori, ma sempre pronta a condannare duramente gli errori degli altri cittadini. Sempre sbraitante ma mai davvero disciplinare, sempre modesta ma pronta ad elargire laute paghette, l’autorita’ dell’italiano ha un solo nome: mamma. E se un padre, mai sia , prova a fare capolino con la sua durezza ed il suo rigore, l’italiano si aspetta che l’autorita’ faccia quello che faceva la mamma, cioe’ si frapponga tra lui e la durezza paterna. In definitiva, politicamente parlando, l’italiano ha la maturita’ di un bambino di 4 anni.
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2015-12-13 20:51 the tool is named "initd". 🙂
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2015-12-13 20:50 !reading MUDAZUMO NAKI KAIKAKU
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2015-12-13 20:10 Just to be clear, because I had the same discussion dozen of times. What you are trying to achieve is a well known problem: in mathematics we call it "the envy-free cake cutting". How to divide the wealth in a way everybody is happy (or the less people as possible is unhappy). How hard is this problem? This is PPAD hard, here the proof: http://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/abs/10.1287/opre.1120.1116 . So you can do a "collectivization" of 20,30 people, and if you put 50,60 years of effort it will work. But, since the problem scales very bad, if you do it with millions of people, the remaining life of the universe is not enough to build such economy. Sorry for you, "collectivization" as a system is theoretically feasible, but it takes to much to realize it . The universe will end much before you can do it with 10000 people. Since is mathematically proven, there is nothing you can do. The problems of the philosophers your idea comes from was, they never studied enough math. Their fault.
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2015-12-13 20:00 The only people which will volunteer to share their own wealth is poor people. The point you miss is that poor people have no choices than to share: poor people must share to survive. The point comes when you want rich people to share the wealth: they will say "no". So you need to prevail on them. And , if you prevail, you have military force. So you created a state. A "nation" is just a state which can control borders, which can recruit soldiers and get taxes on a given land. Now, if you say that poor people must share and cooperate, I would say, they do it , since the beginning of years: they have no choice to survive. If you want the rich people to share, you need to force them, then you need military force, then you are building a state. Which will become a "nation" in the very moment you start to recruit the military force you need, you decide where is your border (=where you rule) and when you start to make the rich pay taxes, using the military power. You can name it as you like, you will end building a "state", and then a "nation".
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2015-12-13 19:54 Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Triumph of Death (c. 1562) in the Museo del Prado, Madrid https://boseburo.ddns.net/fnord/attachment/1844
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2015-12-13 19:01 Actually the big civilizations developed around communication ways. Mediterranean Sea was a easy to sail sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Danube + Don + Volga, everywhere you had some way to make the culture to mix you had a civilization. This is because civilization comes when people can exchange their ideas. Blocking the ideas means to abort the western civilization: somebody else, free to communicate, will exchange ideas and prevail.
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2015-12-13 18:57 "State" is the name of the prevailing military force in a given area. Until somebody can take advantage of the military force in a given area, you have a "state". Also if you do "collectivization", people will not be happy to give you what they own. So you need to prevail on them. Which is, "building a state".
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