Böse 2016-01-26

loweel-2016-012016-01-25 19:39 loweel favorited something by ghostdancer: # ’s customer service # : http://qttr.at/13rv !privacy #

2016-01-25 19:37 Shortened to the ground means the impedence is <2Ohm. So, if I put radio frequency on the metal pipe itself, and the lenght is big enough, like meters, I have good chance to get the signal. Also I consider the skin effect. Also the gas&oil pipelines are shortened , for even more good reasons. But it works : http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:601071/FULLTEXT01.pdf
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2016-01-25 16:41 @drymer yes…sadly I cannot have one and federate to my own gs pod…
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2016-01-25 16:40 Together with a crazy guy, I want to try to hack a powerline adapter. Instead of pushing the signal in the power cable, I want to try using the water pipes. So it can make use of the city water infrastructure….
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2016-01-25 14:18 People doesn’t notices that a socoal network is not an infrastructure. Is just an interface. What we do is to message each others, or to a group. You can build an email client with a social interface, and until you represent lists and messages properly, the backend doesnt matters. We could give a social interface to an email client, to an IRC client, to an XMPP client, to whatever protocol allows A to send a message to B. Even with SMS it could work. I am thinking to produce a social interface to SMTP+IMAP. At the end SMTP federates perfectly since decades….Any volunteer to join?
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  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel Fanelli LowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello! Se sembra frammentario è il bello dei microblog, bellezza! E mancano le foto sì; d’altronde non è che potete pretendere granchè da uno scriptino buttato giù in fretta e furia…


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