Böse 2016-02-20

loweel-2016-012016-02-19 23:40 And now with Friends and Groups! https://github.com/uriel-fanelli/ollyster # # #
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2016-02-19 20:25 Now with notices and dates. Improving and improving. # https://github.com/uriel-fanelli/ollyster # Developing in !golang is fun! 6066
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2016-02-19 17:45 IN big corporations the security is just a budget issue. They need to proof they exist to management, and the way they proof to exist (to have budget) is to forbid this and that. I expect in my company they will forbid red tips, long hairs and to eat fish on wednesday, “due tu security issues”.
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2016-02-19 15:36 @gianf my brain threated me of divorce if I go into PHP. 🙂
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2016-02-19 09:17 No, it doesn’t. Consumes for OStatus are into megabytes a day. Of course, if your pod will be WAY interesting and you have millions of users, it will change. 🙂
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2016-02-19 09:07 loweel favorited something by grmpyoldman: Laut @FreifunkPotsdam sperrt die neue # Firmware direkt nach einem Update? http://qttr.at/15y3 #

2016-02-19 08:56 We definitively need an image of raspbian which contains a gnu-social instance, ready to configure and run, just with a plugin for DDNS (dynamic dns) and UpNP-Nat for routers. So that people can download it, put in the raspberry, connect and go with their instance.
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2016-02-19 08:53 If they attack you, they fear you.
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2016-02-19 08:52 No. This time is not Apple. Is the telco which doesn’t like to be monitored. Most of 4G coverage is fake, they don’t want a scandal. So they agree with vendors to don’t analyze their network massively.
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2016-02-19 08:51 I am doing it using no-ip.org . It works pretty well.
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2016-02-19 08:50 Cool != important.
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2016-02-19 08:49 loweel favorited something by osbn: Die Entwicklung der Technik – http://www.schnatterente.net/technik/die-entwicklung-der-technik

  • PS: questo pezzo e le altre magnifiche elargizioni di saggezza di Uriel Fanelli LowEel sono analizzate su un altro blog degli Untermenschen che curano questo specchio.
  • PPS: pezzo automagicamente caricato da Fornello! Se sembra frammentario è il bello dei microblog, bellezza! E mancano le foto sì; d’altronde non è che potete pretendere granchè da uno scriptino buttato giù in fretta e furia…

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