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loweel-2016-012016-04-02 20:16 Any time something revolutionary is born, every time a technology which can be a game changer appears, it got flooded by “the usual people”

The ones which never managed to have any consensus. The ones which are always on the wrong side. The ones which are putting themselves in a situation where it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a big consensus.

And when the new platform is completely owned by them, the platform will get no consensus too. So nobody will use it. So it will die.

I have seen lot of initiatives which were interesting , in terms of technology. I have seen several parties, which were interesting in term of programs. All of theme were flooded by the usual people I call AntiGegenBoykottNeinNeiner , following an ideology which I call AntiGegenBoykottNeinNeinIsmus, which the most of society simply despises.

And when they come, when they take all the space, in the new platform, in the new party, in the new whatever, then everybody which despises this people will despise the new party and the new platform.

When I see lot of AntiGegenBoykottNeinNeiners arriving, I know what will happen to a platform.

Game over. If those people were the first to enter the internet, today we had no internet at all. They set to failure everything they join. They set to decline every group the join.

They set to despise any flag they use.
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